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PlayStation Home Celebrates April Fool's Day

If you log into PlayStation Home and enter the Central Plaza, you'll be greeted with the cult hit that everyone loves to hate along with the promise of some "interesting" costumes.

Home Community Managers Locust_Star and CydoniaX had commented last week about bringing "The Chain Swing" back to PlayStation Home for April Fool's day. Well, they delivered, making every single song in the Listen@Home play list "The Chain Swing".

Along with that comes posters advertising hamster costumes for Home users. So far, we've yet to see anything in the Threadz store as this may only be for April Fool's day and may have no chance of seeing the light of day. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes peeled if these suits become available and provide you with some pics of the event as well as the song that is currently driving Home users absolutely crazy. (Pics courtesy of Jersquall from the NA PlayStation forums and godsgift1888 of the EU PlayStation forums)

Have a happy April Fool's day!

Nice. Well, once the joke's up, they should still put the hampster costume out. It'd be pretty screwy, seeing guys with hampster heads walking around.

@Jason LaFave: Yeah, I'd say! =P

WHAT!? I seriously need to get my PS3 fixed...

I checked the mall today and there were no hamster suits up, maybe tomorrow

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