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PlayStation Home Receives Plenty Of New Content Today

Home has just been updated with a plethora of new content and we've got the lowdown for you!

Load up Home and check out your locations, there will now be a new Godfather II game space as well as an update to the Resident Evil 5 game space with the addition of a new beetle mini game.

The Godfather II space is quite nice, as it features two floors worth of poker tables with which you can play with up to eight other players. There's a trailer playing over the bar along with some pretty swag leather seats throughout. This definitely is one of the better designed Home spaces and is worth a look.

On the Home Mall side of things, the Threadz store has been updated along with new Street Fighter IV figurines in the furniture store.

And now on to Xi. Stapler has a new challenge which consists of you beating Hexopolis, Maximum Tilt and the new text-based game "Corrupted" all on Expert difficulty.

All in all this is a pretty content packed update and we look forward to Home's next major update where custom picture frames as well as other features are rumored to be making a comeback. See ya in Home!

Photos or it didn't happen.

@Colin McFedran: Well, log into Home and prove me wrong. =) I checked around for pics but there are none available as of yet and my TV isn't all that stellar for me to take a pic. =)

Home is definitely not "finished", but it is coming a long and hopefully will grow in to something that I want to use regularly.

meh im not too fussed about home unless they add some real big changes

@MIKE, Great post Mike, I updated or should I say downloaded the new God Father space and it is nice (dont gamble so thats not my thing) but the XI is really great.

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