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Sly Cooper 4 Hinted at in InFamous

Here is a fun little tidbit. Fire up your inFamous demo and go over to the Cineperplexed Movie House. Sly Cooper 4 is now showing!

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I cant fire it up @&*%$# becuse i didntpre-order it.

@RAMPAGE_64: I believe you got it if you pre-ordered it or were a subscriber to Qore, I forget which.

Holy shit sweet find.

@ Mike: Depends where you pre-order it. As far as I'm concerned, Best Buy is the only store with Infamous demos.

I've been playing the demo nonstop but never found this.

Is there any way to sneak into this demo without a pre-order via another psn store like I did with the Killzone 2 Demo?

@Mike Cummins: It was temporarily on the HK store but got pulled.

Holy crap Kotaku is so fast with news sometimes and other time slow as hell...

@Colin McFedran: no source whatsoever - as if they just discovered it now, and don't have a working Internet connection..

Just to let everyone know it is also in Infamous 2 also so you have your choice now (lol), pick and choose anyone it doesn't matter which one.

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