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Sony Cuts E3 Footage For The Kiddies

In a rather odd move, Sony has gone ahead and significantly cut down the final part of their E3 press conference which is currently available in the PS Store.

If you've downloaded all three parts of the E3 press conference from the PS Store, you'll notice that Sony has significantly cut down part three which contains Assassin's Creed 2 as well as God of War III.

The edits come when the king is finally assassinated in Assassin's Creed 2 and several times in God of War III, most notably when Kratos causes the innards of one of his enemies to spill out onto the floor as well as during his fight with the Chimera.

Now, this wouldn't have been too much of a problem, but Sony neglected to do one thing, EDIT THE AUDIO. As the God of War III footage plays on, you'll start to notice the audio slightly out of sync, until Jack Tretton comes back onstage and the audio is so badly out of sync that the video nearly unwatchable.

This brings up the question... was the edit necessary, especially with games like Siren: Blood Curse available in the store? Could it be because you actually have to pay for Siren as opposed to the free download of the E3 press conference?

Here's the God of War III footage unedited:

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

I think it is good that they did this for kids but they should have it for age limits like if your account is under 12 then have it how it is now.

@RAMPAGE_64: why is it good? Kids could have watched it on TV in the middle of the day, and they could have watched it online on any number of sites - why is it good that they cut the footage in their official version? It wouldn't have been THAT bad if the audio was cut too... It's just messed up the way it is. Shoddy work, for no good reason. Similar to last year's zoomed in screw-up.

It was annoying and I deleted it before my ps3 exploded thankfully. When I went into Home they were only playing part 1 so I started a rumor that there was a code for a rockband 2 keytar, got surrounded and shut off my ps3 thankfully before it exploded.

@BamBamBoozled: are you trying to say that your PS3 exploded? lol

I felt like it was going to a couple times over e3. Downloading too many videos at once, running out of HDD space in general. But I didn't think to go back and see if it was just a video glitch or cut or what... Now its awkward and I feel like I opened a k-mart cd for my birthday.

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