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Metal Gear Solid Movie Poster Spotted?

Apparently, a picture of what appears to be a movie poster advertising the new Metal Gear Solid movie has just sneaked onto the internet and we've got it for ya!

The poster, which is believed to have been taken at Sony Pictures in Culver City, CA, shows Christian Bale (most likely Solid Snake) and Daniel Craig (most likely Liquid Snake) along with a scheduled release for July 2011 and Hideo Kojima's name at the top.

This would undoubtedly be awesome news if we could confirm it as being 100% legit, but until then it'll remain a rumor as there are plenty of individuals out there with decent Photoshop skills.

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Pants would be shat if this were true.

I hope this is true that the movie is coming out 2011 but i do hope that Bale and Craig is not in it, Bale would be one of my last pick.

well obviously, you should have done your research (not make your own picks!). it was already known that solid snake IS Christian bale, but liquid snake was thought to be Sean bean.

Looks fake.

Why Christian Bale? he looks nothing like Snake.

Bale looks like nathan hale in the new terminator

That movie made me believe both Fallout and Resistance could be made into movies (at least visually)

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