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PS3 Slim Available Now

For those of you planning on picking up a PS3 Slim, the wait is over!

It looks as though Sony has gone back on their decision for a firm September 1st release date for the PS3 Slim, as they are currently available now at all GameStop locations and possibly many other retailers. We gave our local GameStop a call and they said that despite the 9/1 release date mentioned, they are free to sell the console once they get them in. This is more than likely a preemptive strike against the supposed 360 Elite price drop that is on it's way. So, if you plan on picking up a Slim, go get em'!

You can even order on Amazon in USA or Canada.


Sony said it was releasing by September 1st, and there is no street date, so places can sell as soon as stock arrives.

For the record, my WalMart doesn't have it yet, only the $399 bundle w/ 160GB PS3, Uncharted, Killzone 2, and inFamous. They also had Batman on release day for $38.83, but no Metroid Prime Trilogy. They told me Batman is expected to sell 1.4M copies, and they don't sell much Wii software.

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