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No Torchlight For PS3 After All

At last summer's GamesCom, Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer revealed that the company was talking with Sony and Microsoft about bringing Torchlight to consoles. They announced an XBLA release officially last week at CES, with Microsoft acting as publisher. So what does this mean for us PlayStation owners? I asked, and I am not happy with the response.

"No PS3 version is planned."

While it does suck that I won't ever play Torchlight, I guess my money goes elsewhere. Lots of games coming out this year, and I'm already far behind as it is. I guess that's somewhat of the bright side to this disappointment.

Get the game for your computer, it was meant to be played that way anyway.

@Hunter Newell: PS3 does support mouse and keyboard, so it would have been just fine on this console, I can't say the same for the 360 with it's limitations.

It's unfortunate to hear that it won't be making it to our little black machines, but as long as War in the North doesn't get cancelled we will have our Diablo clone.

@Hunter Newell: oh, I didn't know they made a Linux version. I will have to look into that. Does it run on an integrated Intel video chipset with 64MB of RAM?

Next are you going to tell me to just buy a new PC and install a shitty OS on it?

@Dana Olson: No, but I might. You have Sacred for Linux anyway, why would you need Torchlight?

It's a shame the PS3 version was scrapped. I picked it up for $5 during a Steam sale, and it's a fun little game.

@Tayler Bell: I'd sooner buy a 360 than ever run Windows again.

I also have Sacred 2 for PS3, so why do I need War in the North?

I also have Wolfenstein 3D, so why do I need Killzone 3?

etc, ad nauseum

Torchlight is a fantastic little title and it's a shame MSs fat sacks of cash likely interfered yet again.

My comment taken to heart a little too much perhaps? I figure that everyone has a basic home computer at this point, I don't know what you run. All I am saying is it was originally a PC game so 99% of the time it will play better on PC. I never buy RTS or Diablo (Point and click) style games on consoles. I tried to play sacred 2 and the controls just don't make it enjoyable on PS3. The only time I have had fun with these style of games was with Deathspank. If it is done with those same controls or something similar it might not be bad.

The only reason I can see of re-purchasing this game for me, would be if there was multiplayer. That's this games only weakness.

@Tayler Bell When you use that mouse and keyboard setup, does the console recognize it and show a mouse pointer on screen or does it try to make the mouse into some kind of analog stick.

@Hunter Newell: It depends on the game, but for most applications it's a mouse cursor.

I played Sacred 2 on PC and found it worse than the PS3 controls.

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