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Another Attack Rumored For This Weekend

A group of hackers reportedly revealed plans to launch another set of attacks on Sony's servers this weekend, CNET reports. Not only that, but the unnamed individuals plan on making some or all of the info they steal public - as in, we may find a website with all of our personal data listed. The hackers were observed chatting on IRC, and they claim to currently have access to some servers... sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, right now, Sony!


Will never go public. Internet is too controlled now adays, I don't care that they have their own servers it will get shut down if tried anyways... Might even be a scare...

I could be wrong but lets just hope that I'm not.

The only excuse for this stuff I consistently see is Sony's 6 year old rootkit case. Intrusive and unlawful the FTC said, before settling with a $150 fine per complaint and warning stickers on future products. Ok, so maybe there is a breadcrumb trail of logic leading blame back to the general public.

Meanwhile there are major banks out there laundering drug cartel money, buying out and killing bills of bought politicians via mortgage write downs and all kinds of untold corruption. The real "leet" are a little better at the game of screw the public and they don't even need a wifi hotspot to do it. One slip up will teach them the protections for big bad 'evil' corporations like Sony aren't extended to the little people in their IRC jerk circles. Then all they will have to hate are themselves for being a legion of fools.

And again CNET is running a story without referencing the specific IRC server to back up the claim. If these are truly the same guys that did the infiltration maybe we could publicly point out the server they are so openly discussing these things on. Hope whoever is "investigating" knows how to use hostmasking while mingling with these idiots that are dumb enough to claim involvement on public blogs and sites.

Well I guess the network won't be coming up again this week then, Sony probablly made this one up to buy more time.

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