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Thanks Sony...For Nothing

So...this week Sony put a bunch of NFB films up on the PSN Video store.

Cool I thought...supporting Canadian film makers by getting exposure for their works. But wait a minute. They want to charge me for this?

Dear Canadians...you've already PAID for the movie with your tax dollars. You can go to the NFB website and stream the movies from there...free. No need to pay Sony $4.99 and up to provide you with this on your PS3.

Man Sony...you have balls.

For instance...one of the highlighted NFB films this week was Carts of Darkness. Want to watch it?

Here: http://www.nfb.ca/film/carts_of_darkness/

That was an amazing film. I think that everyone should watch this at least once. This is a film that should be shown to all those people out there that shit on others and take everything for granted. This would be good for a kid that's growing up, to give him or her some perspective and respect those around them.

Whoa...that even plays fine on the PS3 browser. I'll definitely watch it soon. Thanks, Canada! :)

What the crap! We paid for this with our taxes! USA should be blocked, like we are from Hulu and other USA sites!

For those with an ipod touch/iphone there's an NFB app for FREE that provides free dl's of their catalogue. Not sure if this is available on the US side of the app store.

I just watched Carts, really enjoyed it.

Hi guys,

My name is Stephane. I work at the NFB. I'm head of operations for NFB.ca. I just wanted to drop by and leave a quick note to set the record straight... It's not Sony's fault if Carts of Darkness is 4.99 on the PSN. Don't be so hard on them. :-)

Here's the thing: being a public service, we at the NFB have decided to offer a substantial portion of our collection on NFB.ca, streamed for free. That being said, we're a film producer. And as such, even if we are a public organization, we do have an obligation to monetize our productions to a certain extent. If we didn't, we'd die... Our funding doesn't cover all our expenses.

The reason why you have to pay for our films on the PSN is because they are offered as downloads. It's like buying a DVD without the disc. That type of consumption, you have to pay for. Even on NFB.ca, though the streaming is free, if you wish to OWN a copy of the film, you're going to have to pay for it.

So there you go! Thanks for hearing me out. And thanks for speading the word about the NFB! :-) Much appreciated!

@Steph_Bousquet: thanks for showing up and giving your insight on this! Any chance of an NFB streaming app for PSN, or maybe a section in Netflix?

@Dana Olson: I can't make any promises, but I can say that we are developing a whole bunch of apps for different plaforms. We're already on Boxee, iPhone, iPad, Android (phones and tablets) and Blackberry's Playbook. Expect more goodies in the upcoming year...

@Steph_Bousquet: I can 'download' from within your iOS app and watch over the next 2 days (so basically a rental)...so why not just offer it as a free 'rental' on PSN since PSN has the ability to time out the content?

I understand it being charged for in the US store or EU stores as they did not contribute tax dollars to the service (like iPlayer BBC is not available outside UK for instance) but within Canada's store I see no tech reason to make the PSN options different than the iOS or web based options.

I streamed Carts from the site on my PC and it was a really great film. I clicked the dvd option for ordering details but it was unavailable which sent me hunting on PSN (US). I couldn't find it and noticed the site player no longer works on the ps3 browser either... however an embedded version with a site like pastehtml will, strangely.

An app, section in the Studios or any availability at all to the US would be great and I'd still like to buy a copy of that if anyone has any links or instructions. If nothing else thanks for the stream.

@Colin McFedran: I assume Sony takes some kind of cut just for making it available and that might be part of the reason too but I have no idea.

Thx for the heads up on the Boxee app, I would use that before my PS3 for media playback anyways.

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