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More Wii Games Coming To PS3

Capcom has decided to bring Wii-exclusive games Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles to PlayStation 3. At some point, the two will be released together on a single disc as Resident Evil Chronicles HD, and will feature PlayStation Move support.

I've played the Umbrella Chronicles a little bit, and found it to be a pretty good "light-gun" game (I use that term loosely). I'm not sure I'll find the time when they release on the PS3; how about you? Do you like the trend of Wii games coming to PS3, or would you rather have a new experience that takes better advantage of the tech in the Move controller?


I'm fine with it. In the end we all have a choice to buy or not buy each game. If they don't come to PS3 there is no choice at all. If not for this trend the Move would have less content, and personally I love light gun games (Dead Space was particularly good) and am happy to see the content at least offered.

I think its cool also those two games where very good I was told and I'm a fan also which equals a buy for me, I'm glad to hear it will be coming soon, my the sharpshooter has life once more and wan't be collecting dust (LOL).

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