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Goodbye Game-Sharing, We Hardly Knew Ye

Continuing the tradition of giving their customers something cool, and then taking it away, today Sony has announced that game-sharing is going to be effectively killed as of November 18th, 2011. Any new content you purchase from that date forward will be sharable on only two PS3 systems, and two PSP systems.

For some cheapskates, this is going to be a major blow to their borderline-piracy activities. For others who own multiple systems, this is also going to be a problem, at least if they own more than two systems. As recently as yesterday, I was talking about maybe buying a third PlayStation 3 system. This news has made up my mind, and I won't be plunking down, that's for sure.

The only silver lining here is that Sony plans to give us the ability to deactivate devices through a website, which they had BETTER. It's the least they can do - Microsoft has had this capability for years, and requiring PlayStation owners to send in a dead, out-of-warranty system just to get it deactivated is pretty weak.

Hopefully Sony will let us keep the ability to playback Blu-ray movies, as my collection has begun to grow over the past year or so. But you can never be too sure with these jokers running the show.


I'm with Dana. Provided we have the ability to deactivate consoles on our own, I'm OK with this move. If we don't, this becomes a huge pain in the ass.

I've already had to call Sony to deactivate two dead consoles, and they made it sound like they were doing me a favour. The only reason I was calling is because it's kind of hard to deactivate your account on their faulty consoles.

I can understand the reason to maybe have 2 PS3 systems but 3? sounds like a overkill lol, unless you are rich and have a huge mansion :D

@Colin McFedran: you can see all the systems tied to your account if you log in to Qriocity. Note that the "Deactivate" button there doesn't actually do anything except tell you how to deactivate on the PS3 system itself... Ideally, this is where they will put the ability to deactivate systems. The only issue really is telling which one is which.

@Jagged Doctrine: this sounds like always-on DRM to me, and I don't like it. I'd rather have it the way it's going to be. Hell, I'd rather have it cut down to one system than have to maintain an internet connection just to play a game. In my opinion, working my day job at an actual ISP who doesn't just resell Bell's service, internet connections are still too unreliable, and it's not going to work for the minority of people who don't have internet and, say, bring their system to a friend's place to buy a cool PSN-only game. But then, Sony doesn't seem to give a damn about minorities, because the minority ran Linux on their PS3s, and the minority owns more than two PS3 systems, and the minority plays Blu-ray movies (mark my words!).

Dear Dana, we received your deactivation request. Fortunately this process has been automated to make it much easier for you. To begin please join our new psSupport hub in Home when you are ready to confirm deactivation.

Expect the worst hope for the best.

@BamBamBoozled: HAHAHAHA! This made my night, thank you for the laugh...

Dana all he is saying is... You will always be screwed out of anything you have ever wanted. Cross game chat, I will see you never... Haha

@Dana Olson: Agree with you on it all Dana. I was just surprised that sony didn't go with the always active DRM for more $$$. (not that I wanted it) ;)

Dana thanks for the Qriocity link...ffs I have 5 PS3? ... Why the hell do they not deactivate the ones you send in for fixing...I can't deactivate it if its borked you idiots.

Hopefully the PC tool will come...if not I guess a day on the phone to fix it?


And you, sir, have made my morning.

@Dana Olson add this quip to the site header post-haste. Also, sounds like the start of a song ...

RAMPAGE_64 wrote:

Dana all he is saying is... You will always be screwed out of anything you have ever wanted.

What do you mean by Game-Sharing exactly (Sorry I dont really know all of what PS3 can do.

@Merciful-Small: currently you can buy a game (or whatever) on the PSN and activate it on up to five PS3s. Sony are cutting that down to two PS3s for all new content, almost certainly due to the people who abuse this by sharing an account with a bunch of their friends and splitting costs on games and DLC. The feature was meant for people who own more than one system, which many people do, but I am pretty sure I recall Sony actually telling everyone about this feature and how you could buy a game and share it with a friend, back before or around the launch of the PS3. I looked for it when this news popped up, but couldn't find it.

It was Jack Tretton:

If a player logs into his PlayStation 3 account on a friend's system, he can download any game he has already purchased. "You can send that content to four other friends for that initial investment," said Tretton. "We want to get the game in as many hands as possible."

"It's not about generating profits at each and every interaction with the consumer," he said. "I think that really offsets the argument that says, 'Wow, that's a really pricey system.'"

@Gekkoton: Nice find.

I guess now that the PS3 has established itself and Sony has dropped the price, they feel entitled to remove one of the incentives they used to get people on the platform. Keep it classy, Sony.

Yep, I knew I had read it somewhere. Thanks.

Well new lower limits in place... where is the remote de-activation web portal :/

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