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Free Skyrim Book Compilation For eBook Readers

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a ton of books. So many books that I'm pretty sure there's more books in Skyrim than real books in real life. This isn't new to the series, though; I skipped all of the books in Oblivion. But when I first started playing Skyrim, I told myself that I'd make an effort to read them all. After the first two, I gave up. It's too much... I just wanted to play the game! But I have been keeping every book I picked up in a dresser at the foot of my bed in Vlindrel Hall, so that my collection would at least be complete. But, if they were all on my Sony Reader, I could - and would - read them while doing other activities such as sitting on the toilet. Well, my prayers have been answered.

The books of Skyrim have been graciously compiled into EPUB and MOBI formats by, much to my delight. If you have an eBook reading device, or eBook reader software for your PC, grab it now and get your read on!

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