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Killzone 3 Multiplayer Goes Free-To-Play

Interesting news coming out of the Official PlayStation Blogcast this week is that Killzone 3's multiplayer mode will be released next Tuesday as a standalone, free-to-play downloadable game.

Apparently the full experience will be locked behind a $14.99 fee that you can optionally pay when you hit the free version's level cap. Or you could, you know, pay the full $18.83 WalMart is charging for the full retail game that includes a lengthy 5-hour single-player campaign.

This is a cool thing that hopefully turns into a trend. I think I'd rather competitive multiplayer games be split apart from any solo or co-op campaigns, myself. Instead of tacking it on and stealing resources from what could be a great experience.


I'm interested in knowing whether the trophies associated with the multiplayer would unlock for you if you paid the $14.99.

Wow. Killzone is a pretty major franchise to join the free-to-play model, for consoles anyway. I'm impressed.

In case youre still wondering, multiplayer trophies do unlock including a platinum. I fully support this idea too, especially at $7.50

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