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Journey Comes Early To PlayStation Plus

Sony have revealed that PlayStation Plus members will get a week of early access to Journey, the new online experience from thatgamecompany. The price will be $14.99, so no discount, but hey, an extra seven days to play it? I think I'm down for that.

Plus members will also get the HD remaster of the first Sly Cooper game and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, full-game trials of Mass Effect 3 and H.A.W.X. 2, plus discounts on MotorStorm RC and the winners of the Gamer's Choice Awards.

And that's just tomorrow - there's even more coming the week after! See the full list by clicking on the source link below.


I finished Journey today, not a huge game but similar length as Flower I guess. I still need a few replays for trophies.

I'm interested to know what things you guys that have played it have learned/discovered, but we might have to use spoiler tags. Actually, to rephrase that a bit, I'd be interested to hear opinions about some of the choices they made in Journey, with someone who's played through it. For instance, I'm sure that most of you that have played have by now come across other travelers who were a bit...different?

I only played through once so far, the night it came out. I didn't notice anyone different, but one cool moment was:
in that part where there are shelters and the monster flies overhead looking for you, me and an unknown companion were moving from shelter to shelter, and on one pass, one of us (forget if it was him/her or me) didn't quite get in on time, but there was a brief pause, long enough to make us think, "did we make it? I think we did. OH SNAP!" and then the monster smashes into us, destroying the shelter.
Pretty awesome game that made me revise my opinions on two things: 1) no 1.5-hour game is worth $15, and 2) games really aren't art.

Not sure what to think of this game tbh, I do like the music art and general feeling of this game, as I did with Flower. That being said it feels more like a $5 game, doesnt really have a replay value except for trophies.

I dont think you can spoil the game in anyway tbh

Well, I guess I'll just put the whole thing in spoiler tags, to be safe. I split it up into paragraphs, so it isn't just one big spoiler dump. Also, I'm kinda putting my own names to things, but there aren't any names anyways, so *something* has to be done, if you're gonna talk about it.

It took a couple play-throughs, but the narrative finally clicked for me. It was a combination of seeing the story on the screens you activate and the cut-scenes, plus the first time I came across a player that was all white (instead of red).

So, I guess the story is that the Old Ones (white) discovered the energy that fell from the sky, and used it to advance their civilization. They started building cities, etc., but lost their connection to each other (maybe a literal tethering, by way of the scarves?). I'm not clear if they created or just drew the attention of those big creatures, but the result was that their entire civilization was wiped out. Something followed (unclear), that resulted in the New Ones (red) being created, using the same energy that came from the sky. I think. So, we play as the New Ones, and one of the first things we learn is that all the posts in the desert are the graves of the Old Ones.

Here's what I love about thatgamecompany's decisions for Journey: They created this cyclical narrative that has you take the journey, and be brought back to the beginning to start it again, right? It isn't just a mechanic choice though, it's a sort of...I don't know, reincarnation or something. I started realizing that when I came across the first player in white garb. They had found all the glowing white glyphs (the gold trophy called "Transcendence"), after which you can change in the stage selection area. It's really cool how traveling in close proximity to someone renews your scarf (something that reflects what the Old Ones had and lost), and it helps you to get further than if you were alone. However, once you transcend (become enlightened, whatever you wanna call it), your scarf renews itself.

The hands-down coolest part about that is how I've seen people use it. Twice, I came across enlightened players who were waiting for new players to come along, so they could help them on their journey. The first one I spotted was meditating at the foot of that first broken bridge that you restore with cloth. The second one was yesterday, and he was my guide through the entire game, helping me find everything, and get all but the wait-a-week trophy. Now, I'm enlightened too, and I think I'll be doing the same for someone soon.

It strikes me as so cool that PS+ players got a week's head start, so that when the game releases wide this week, there will be a whole group of Enlightened Guides, ready to help new players through their journey. Brilliant.

@Jason LaFave: that stuff is awesome! I now wanna go and play again sooner than later, but I may as well wait until Wednesday so I can get the wait-a-week trophy. One thing I didn't even notice in the credits at the end is that it shows you the PSN IDs of who you played with... I wish I had paid more attention! heh.

I can't wait to check it out. The visuals remind me of Ico/sotc now that I've played them. I didn't read all the spoilers but what I did made me wonder why this isn't on Vita. Seems like it would've made a decent launch title especially the multiplayer aspect.

@BamBamBoozled: I have yet to see the Vita screen, but I bet Journey would look amazing on it! The multiplayer could be very cool, especially if thatgamecompany made cool use of Near, which I'm sure they would.

@Dana Olson: I had a great talk afterwards, with the guy who guided me through. I had missed one of the glyphs, and he told me where it was, and wished me luck. The conversation started with him messaging to tell me how much he enjoyed having me as his traveling companion.

It's really incredible how much you can communicate, using movement and the short and long whistle sounds. I communicated which glyph I was missing in an area, we communicated needing to pause for a minute, and of course calling out when you've found something.

@BamBamBoozled: my wife saw me playing it and said it reminded her of Shadow of the Colossus too.

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