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The Unfinished Swan Lands On PSN

Do you remember this video from three years ago? Well, it's still being made, but instead of XNA, it's coming to PSN now!

Sony has worked out a deal with Giant Sparrow, the game's developer, similar to the one they have with Journey developer thatgamecompany. This made sense to me even three years ago, considering the PSN's diversity in content and user base, compared with the other options.

Here's a video posted up on the PlayStation.Blog today:

We don't have a release date, but the team promises a really weird game, and state that The Unfinished Swan is nearly done. This is most excellent. And it will support PlayStation Move.

Ah, I'll buy it at a high price!


I agree, it looks great. It ought to be pretty fun with Move as well, slinging paint and all.

i want to per order this one for my son.

he liek to pant things so it perfick for him!

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