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PSP Go Confirmed In June Qore

If you are a Qore subscriber, go into your download history and download the June episode - it can be downloaded, despite saying "coming soon."

In the episode, you can get a look at the new PSPgo.

Here are the facts from Qore: PSPgo is 43% lighter than the PSP-3000, smaller 3.8" screen, BlueTooth headset support, 16GB on-board storage, Memory Stick Micro slot, and no UMD drive. Oh, and a new Metal Gear is coming. And Gran Turismo, as previously rumored.

While the PSPgo arrives this fall, the PSP-3000 is not going away, so don't fear if you are a fan of the UMD.

Update: Qore has been pulled now, but it is already too late.


Nice find and I bet some people at Sony are going ooops =D

My Qore is downloading... Only 1041 minutes left...

Stupid DSL Lite!

This is unprecedented.

I like it, looks a little bigger than an iPhone when its closed, and quite thin.

Some HQ pics here:

is it me or does the pic with hand holding the PSP looks really fake? :D

Is that a mini HDMI connection?

hmm i think it is, thats pretty cool actually.

Looks liks the MS slot, to me, but it isn't labeled.

@Ash: the hand kinda scares me lol

Hopefully it results in more remote play support. ORP could've been implemented at launch I'd get so much more use out of the ps3 as I'm sure anyone would with a spouse/kid/shitty tv or whatever.

From the looks of the HQ pictures in the episode of Qore, I'm seeing no volume controls. Also I love Veronica's comments about how,Sony blew everyone away at E3 by this super secret announcement.

@Mike Cummins: LOL

Had to switch the original vid...first got pulled.

So...I'll be able to use my BT Headset for communications now...too bad about no keyboard (though a BT Keybord and our PS3 controllers should work with this...right?).

There doesn't seem to be a video out...strange no?

Is there a camera behind that slider...if not, lost opportunity.

Seems to have given up on GPS I guess too since the old accessories are not going to fit.

My Qore is still downloading!

@Dana Olson: HaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaa. No really, Ha.

I remember downloading movies all the Harry Potters at times.

Who lives like this? Crazy people, that's who!

It is too bad that they have left off touch screen...with the BT my PSP could have acted as a remote for the PS3. They have the tech know how with the MYLO...shame.

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